About Us

We are revolutionizing digital marketing through the power of artificial intelligence.

AI Advantage Agency is a full-service digital marketing firm focused on leveraging AI tools to transform the way businesses grow. Our team of AI and marketing experts helps clients integrate generative AI technologies into their go-to-market strategies to drive smarter, scalable growth.

We utilize AI for content creation, social media management, paid media optimization, customer service automation, and more – streamlining inefficiencies, saving time, and reducing costs compared to traditional agencies. But AI is just one part of the equation. Backing every algorithm is our strategic marketing expertise and human understanding of what resonates with audiences.

Whether you need an AI content marketing assistant, automated customer service, or a fully outsourced AI-powered marketing department, we have the knowledge, tools, and creative solutions to help your business make the most of artificial intelligence.

At AI Advantage Agency, we’re not just another boutique digital marketing provider. We’re reimagining marketing for a new era through the superpower of AI. Contact us now if you’re ready to jumpstart your growth using artificial intelligence.

Meet the Founders

Colin Lepiscopo

Colin Lepiscopo


Colin has 11 years of experience helping for-profit and non-profit brands grow their businesses by showing them their blind spots.

Kimberly Reynolds

Kimberly Reynolds


Kim is a 20-year veteran of digital marketing and an early adopter of new technology. She built her first web site in 1994 and hasn’t looked back.

AI Advantage Agency

The Backstory

In the Beginning

Like many great ventures, our story commenced with two distinct individuals unified by a shared vision. The digital marketing realm at Social Media Examiner brought Kim Reynolds and Colin Lepiscopo together. In their respective roles, Kim as the Marketing Manager and Colin, assuming the Director of Marketing’s mantle, the stage was set for a lasting camaraderie, one that was destined to shape a remarkable journey.

Tree of Meta Life

Venturing Out

Colin Lepiscopo saw a unique opportunity in the fast-evolving digital landscape. As the Director of Marketing at Social Media Examiner, his acuity for the field deeply intensified. Recognizing the growing demand for optimization in the digital space, he seized the opportunity to offer Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services in a freelance capacity.

Into the Great Unknown

Meanwhile, Kim Reynolds knew it was time to spread her wings. She chose the unfamiliar path, embracing the uncertainty it promised, and exited her comfortable position at Social Media Examiner. A bittersweet decision, no doubt, but one that fueled her passion for exploring uncharted territories in the digital marketing realm.

Separate Paths

As the calendar rolled over to 2021, Kim Reynolds and Colin Lepiscopo found themselves standing at the precipice of significant career changes. Years of experience had not only equipped them with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing, but it also instilled a thirst for broader adventures.

Kim took the plunge into the dynamic whirlpool of the agency world. This shift allowed her to bring her extensive marketing knowledge to a broader scope of businesses, dealing with a wider range of brands, industries, and targets. Kim believed this move would enable her to create a more significant transformative impact by harnessing her expertise on a larger canvas.

Simultaneously, Colin embarked on a fresh journey, stepping into shoes well deserved – the Chief Marketing Officer’s role at FLX Bikes. This opportunity allowed Colin to guide a brand’s overall marketing strategy, drawing on his robust experience functioning in both corporate roles at Social Media Examiner and as a freelance CRO consultant. It was a chance to leverage his industry knowledge and acumen to foster brand growth in a sector as dynamic and promising as e-bikes.

While on separate paths, Kim and Colin’s career voyages continued to propel forward, each underpinned by their shared vision and relentless drive for digital marketing innovation.

Kim Reynolds - Colin Lepiscopo

Shared Vision

When Kim Reynolds and Colin Lepiscopo reconnected professionally, their shared passion for pushing marketing frontiers again sparked. They were both ardent about harnessing Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize how businesses approached their marketing strategies and, more importantly, their internal workflows. They saw AI as an incredibly powerful tool in direct response marketing and a means to revolutionize and expedite internal processes.

Their vision was to help businesses become more efficient, freeing up valuable time and resources so that teams could focus on strategic, creative, and customer-oriented tasks.

A Different Kind of Agency

In a growing increasingly digital world, Kim Reynolds and Colin Lepiscopo recognized they possessed a golden opportunity. United by their shared love for technology, particularly the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), they decided it was time to combine their strengths. They realized that their complementary backgrounds and mutual passion for promoting AI’s benefits could have a remarkable impact on the marketing landscape.

They resolved to create a unique agency, a one-of-a-kind digital marketing platform crafted around the core principles each of them held dear – innovation, agility, and client success. A platform that wouldn’t merely offer traditional digital marketing services but would go a step further. They envisioned services like web design, email marketing, CRO, and paid media, but these would be amplified and supercharged using AI.

Their shared goal was to demystify AI for their clients, showing them its potential and integrating it within their marketing strategies to yield phenomenal business results. And thus, they decided to bring their brainchild, a revolutionary entity in the digital marketing world, alive – an agency where tradition met technology, AI Advantage Agency.

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